We have many payment options – one of them suits you

1. By charging on Credit or Debit Card

You can pay by card, in the secure environment of the National Bank of Greece (isimplify environment of the National Bank) or through the server of Viva Payments (Electronic money institution licensed by the Bank of Greece for operation within EOX-31) using the card of your choice. We support all modern card technologies (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express) and the transfer is done with secure SSL encryption and in a secure connection. Your card details are not stored by us on our servers and are used only once for each transaction.

2. With Viva Wallet

You can use your e-wallet at Viva (Viva Wallet), and pay for your purchase through Viva Payments. Once you have selected the payment via Viva Wallet, you are temporarily transferred to your Viva account and complete your payment.

3. With PayPal

You can use the most popular e-commerce service, PayPal. Once you have chosen to pay via PayPal, you are temporarily transferred to your PayPal account where you complete your payment securely.

4. By Deposit in a Bank Account

You can make a deposit to one of the following accounts. If you choose to pay by bank deposit, you must state your order number and full name and send us a copy of the deposit to email sales@effiesmiri.com or contact us at (+30) 231 700 8009 , stating the details of the deposit (deposit bank, deposit number, order number, name, email address) in order to confirm the payment and send the order to you immediately.

         NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE GR0 4011 0741 0000 0741 4161 2031

         EUROBANK GR5 7026 0191 0000 0801 0056 9034