1. General Terms

The Website www.effiesmiri.com, hereinafter referred to as the “WEBSITE” and the “ONLINE STORE”, is the online store, which is the online presence of the company under the name “TYROTHOULAKI EFROSYNI”, wholesale and retail trade of jewellery with Tax Identification Number 076172834 Tax Office A THESSALONIKI. The headquarters of the company, which will henceforth be called THE COMPANY, is located in Oreokastro, Thessaloniki, tel: (+30) 231 700 8009 by e-mail: info@effiesmiri.com / smirieffie@gmail.com.

The specific online store (e-shop) offers to our customers and internet users information about the jewellery products offered by our company, their characteristics as well as the possibility to make an immediate online purchase. In addition, they can contact the company and suggest or request a special order.

The use of all the websites and services of this website www.effiesmiri.com presupposes the unconditional agreement with the Terms of Use, which apply to the entire website. Every user must read these terms carefully before using the services of the website. If a user does not agree with these terms, then in any case he/she must not use the services and content of the online store, nor make a transaction.

These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. For this reason, we encourage users to frequently check this page for any changes to the applicable terms of use.

The continued use of the website means the unconditional acceptance of these terms by the visitor / user, of which he/she is informed upon the first entry on the website.

For any question or point that is not mentioned, please contact us at info@effiesmiri.com.

2. User Responsibility

Every user is obliged to legally use all information, multimedia, data, services and products of this website while agreeing not to post content from this website in a way that violates the privacy and rights of others or is an insult to the business .

3. Limitation of Liability

The website or the company is in no way responsible for any misuse or illegal use of the services or products by its users or consumers.

4. Copyright

All content of the website – products, designs, multimedia, texts, services provided – are the intellectual property of the website and the company, while protected by the relevant provisions of Greek law, European law and international conventions.

Any copying, reproduction, processing of products or designs and their subsequent commercial exploitation or for any other purpose is strictly prohibited. The resale of the products is allowed conditionally with the prior written permission of the company. Any notification, transmission by any means of the products or multimedia is allowed only by referring to the website www.effiesmiri.com and the company.

The use of the website by any user / visitor does not imply the granting of any right of access to the services in the form of source code or the management of the website.

5. Protection of Personal Data

In order to complete the orders of the products through the online store of our website, to send and carry out the transactions, some necessary personal data of the customer are required. Upon completion of the order, the full name, shipping address of the products, the contact telephone number of the customer’s choice, the e-mail address will be required, and in case of invoice issuance, the tax invoicing data additionally. If a credit or debit card is chosen as the payment method, the card number, expiration date and three-digit security code will be required. None of the credit or debit card details are stored in the site system as they are carried out in the secure environment of a partner bank. If you are under 16 years old, you must have your parents’ consent before using the services on this site.

The above personal data of each customer who is not a registered user is kept in our system until the delivery of the order is completed and for an additional one month. They are then deleted automatically. In addition, those who become registered users, share their personal data with the sole purpose of facilitating the permanent cooperation – sale of goods and are deleted from the database at will whenever they wish. As long as the necessary personal data is stored, they are encrypted and remain confidential.

For users who register on our site, we also store the personal data they enter in their user profile. All users can view, edit or delete their personal data at any time (except being able to change their username). The administrators of this site may also view and edit this information.

Rights to Personal Data

If you have an account on this site, you may request to receive an exported file of the personal data we hold about you, including any data you have provided to us. You may also request that we delete the personal data we hold about you. This does not include data that we are required to keep for administrative, legal or security reasons.

The website operates in full compliance with the applicable Greek legislation and the European law on the protection of personal data (GDPR) of users / visitors. You can contact us about Privacy Policy at pdo@effiesmiri.com. More details about Privacy Policy when browsing the site and how they are used are in the ‘Privacy Policy’.

6. Cookies

The website supports the use of cookie technologies for the facilitation and the best possible functionality of its services. Cookies are very small text files, which are sent and stored on the computer of the visitor / user and, among other things, collect errors and help improve the construction of the website, identify frequent users and contribute to the best possible service to visitors / users . Cookies are necessary for the website to work properly.

You can opt out of the use of cookies technology by setting your browser to reject them or notify you before receiving them. In any such case you will know that you will not have the full functionality of the website and the functions of the online store.

See more about Cookies and how we use them in the ‘Privacy Policy’.

7. Security

The site uses the SSL protocol, which provides worldwide authentication for encrypted communication and data transfer. Any information you share with the online store is encrypted during transport and remains secure and protected.

During the online payment, the user is transferred to an encrypted secure connection page which belongs exclusively to the National Bank of Greece, which undertakes the full payment and notifies the management of the online store when it is completed. Similarly, the same procedure applies to payment via Viva Wallet or PayPal.

All payments are made in any legal way and we are at your disposal through all means of communication or at info@effiesmiri.com.

See more about Security in the ‘Privacy Policy’.

8. Product Order, Returns, Changes, Cancellations and Consumer Rights

For every order placed through the website, the customer can request cancellation of the order within 2 hours from the moment of the order, with a relevant message – request at info@effiesmiri.com.

After the delivery of the order, we accept the return of proven defective products within 14 days, for which it can be replaced and resent without additional charge of the order to the consumer. Our online store allows you to withdraw, in accordance with applicable law, subject to conditions. For this reason, you can contact us and see the ‘Returns and Changes Policy’.

In any case, you can contact us for your order and your rights as consumers, which we fully respect.

9. Order Procedure through the Online Store

To order through our online store, as available on the website, follow simple and easy steps in learning. First, the customer selects the product he/she wants and this is added to his/her shopping cart. When he/she chooses to complete his/her order, he/she is asked for his/her personal data (see point 5). The costumer is then obliged to unconditionally accept these terms of use, which constitute the contract for the shipment and sale of the products. Those who have an account on the website, are facilitated as they can place recurring orders and contact our B2B company. In case there is a problem with the contact details you have registered, such as a non-existent email or non-existent phone number and after an effort on our part to resolve the issue, the order is cancelled.

Next, you are asked to select the collection method. The ways of receiving or sending are through the cooperating company ELTA Courier for Greece or its collaborators for abroad. The cooperating company stipulates that the pick-up is done in person at the address that you will specify or at some nearby offices of the cooperating company, if the delivery is not possible to the address you specified. If there is a problem with the cooperating company ELTA Courier, we are at your disposal to solve the problem.

You will then be asked to select a payment method. You can pay by cash on delivery when you receive your order, with the PayPal service, by debit / credit card through the Viva Wallet service or the isimplify environment of the National Bank of Greece, with your personal Viva Wallet or by deposit in the following bank accounts:

 NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE GR 0401 10741 0000 0741 4161 2031

EUROBANK GR5 7026 0191 0000 0801 0056 9034

After completing the above steps, you can see a summary of the shipping, payment and product options. Once you confirm that everything is true, your order will be completed with payment, in case you choose payment by credit / debit card, PayPal service or Viva Wallet service. If you choose to pay by bank deposit, you must state your order number and full name and send us the copy of the deposit by email or contact us by phone stating the details of the deposit (deposit bank, deposit number, order number, name, email address) to confirm the payment and send you the order.

10. Order tracking

After completing the order, you will be notified of a unique code through which you can track the progress of your order and the estimated delivery date. A copy of your order is sent electronically to the email address you entered. Each legal document (receipt or invoice) is accompanied by the product.

11. Shipping Costs

For every purchase within Greece you do not have to pay shipping costs. In foreign markets you will see a relevant indication, depending on the country of dispatch, which will inform you of the extra charge for the shipment to your country.

12. Final Comments

This online store reserves the right to change or modify the terms of use without notice. We recommend that each user be regularly informed of changes to the terms of use.

By using this website www.efffiesmiri.com and the online store, you declare your unconditional acceptance of these terms.

Regardless of the country from which you access the website, to the extent permitted by law, these terms and your use of the Services of our website should be regulated in accordance with the laws of Greece and will be considered that you have submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of Greek law and European legislation.  

Any report of misuse or violation of these terms will be prosecuted.